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Making Change Happen

Changing Places and Space to Change campaigns are carried out by many supporters across the UK.

The growing support network consists of dedicated families, carers, and Changing Place and Space to Change users.  Some leading charities like Scope and organisations also take an active interest and have passion for making Change happen.

Local campaigners play an important role in raising awareness of the reasons we need Changing Places and Space to Change facilities by encouraging local councils, developers and facilities managers to include Changing Places in their development and building plans.

We’re looking for other groups and individuals to join us and advocate for Changing Places in their community.

Were all mums and dads, carers and disabled users.  We have been in that toilet, wondering how on earth we are going to do this.  Join our Special Community, and help us get Change!

Start a Campaign

Starting a campaign simply means asking for Changing Places in the locations that matter to you.

You can easily start a Campaign today here are a few ideas to get your Changing Places up and running:

  • Write an email to whoever is responsible for the facility you’re campaigning
  • Arrange a meeting – tell your story and provide them with the Changing Places information kit
  • Tell your friends and family about your campaign on social media.
  • Tell us, on twitter, and facebook, or email us at
  • Start an online petition and share it on Social Media, and with us.
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper
You can also use the Write To Section: to Write to your local MP, MEP, and Counsellor asking for them to help get Changing Places and Space to Change facilities in your area.